RECIPE, plus TIPS/TRICKS: German Rouladen

RECIPE: German Rouladen   Christmastime is a perfect time for cooking. This comes as no surprise. Time and interest, plus additional hands, help ease the strain of preparing meals. For our family, cooking is about being together. The incredible food we Read More

RECIPE: Family Turkey Tetrazzini

RECIPE: Family Turkey Tetrazzini    Left-over Thanksgiving turkey makes the best next day meal while letting you–the cook–enjoy some down time. Cook the pasta and refrigerate in advance. On Thanksgiving day, bone the turkey, stir all ingredients, pour into the Read More

RECIPE: Holiday Magic Ice Cream

RECIPE: Holiday Magic Ice Cream Oh-la-la! My, oh my! Santa Claus got Holiday chai . . . ICE CREAM!    Have you ever had ice cream made from tea? Done well, it is something very, very special. Over the holidays, Read More


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